Tourist Hotspot

Paddy Field (Sungai Burong)
Agriculture center of Balik Pulau. Hectare’s of paddy field can be seen here, surrounded by varieties of fruits and vegetables plantation.


Pantai Pasir Panjang
One of the hidden part in Balik Pulau. An undisturbed & beautiful beach for picnic,fishing and swimming.


Fisherman Village (Pulau Betong)
A fishing village which famous with fresh & cheap seafood. The seafood and other delicacies like keropok, lekor and pickles can be found easily in the afternoon seafood market.


Saanen Dairy Goat Farm
Saanen dairy goats are imported from Australia, fed with freshly cut grass, silage, and kept in modern climate controlled barn. They produce 100 liters of fresh goat milk daily; can made into yogurt, Ice-cream, goat cheese & goat cheese spread.


Hakka Village
Hakka people come to Balik Pulau as a foreign labour in 1786 With their hard work for years, they manage to built their home in this beautiful valley. Now, you can experience the Hakka unique cultural like in the old centuries Hakka traditional house such as wood chair, wooden drum, large stone and Bullock Cart.


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